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Sandy’s Predictions Through the Signs for July 2016

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Predictions Through the Signs for July 2016


This month is filled with a great many work and career related opportunities, but you will need to work through a lot of conflicts to get there. If you have an older person living with you or whom you are close to it is a good idea to keep a close eye on their health. Relative to your own health, there are great options for personal care, pampering spas, and good exercise programs if you are in the market for them. You might even be considering an international health center! In your personal relationships things are see-sawing all month. You seem to be having some difficult achieving balance. If you are in a new relationship there is intense attraction that is almost explosive. If it’s an old relationship the explosive quality may be coming out in the arguments you are having. Give one another space. That’s the best prescription in this case!


If you are single Taurus, this is a great month for meeting a prospective new partner. If you are married, you may find a new activity that fits your heart’s desire! As a matter of fact, you may be feeling like you are finding exactly what you’ve been looking for most of your life! But for some reason you are keeping this new love, whether it’s an actual person or a new pursuit that is bringing you joy, under wraps through the first few weeks of the month. If the person or pursuit involves travelling, or intercultural activities or super learning, so much the better! This month you are excited about travel opportunities both for work and entertainment. Keep a journal. You will be enjoying some experiences worth writing about for sure!


Life is supposed to be about more than work, Gemini! But that’s what you seem to be mostly doing, whether you are home or travelling, or beaching or visiting – it’s still mostly about work. Try to find some ‘down’ time just for you. Spend some time reading, writing, studying, on going to shows or cultural events with friends. Even though it feels like everything and everyone is depending on you, I can assure you the world is not going to come to an end if you take a few hours here and there for yourself. You are fighting between responsibilities that inhibit your personal freedom, and your desire to move through life as a free spirit. The challenge is balancing these needs. This is a good time in your life to assess your desires, abilities, needs, and to make some decisions about your future.


Relationships are satisfying yet confusing this month Cancer. You feel stuck between two people and are either feeling a lot like a yoyo or a bouncing ball, depending on the day. The only good thing about the conflicts and weird activities around you right now is that they are forcing you to focus more on yourself – something you need to do more of as you seem to have lost yourself though you are loudly telling everyone who you are! It isn’t about everyone else, Cancer. It’s really only about you. Once you get a handle on that – on your own needs and desires, you will quickly realize that as soon as you set out on your own without trying to resolve everyone else’s issues, those very issues seem to stop being the problem they were. Perhaps the real problem always was your own need for control.


Think ‘out of the box’ this month Leo. Your creativity is reaching new heights towards the end of the month, but you will likely need space to be able to harness it. If you have a trip planned this month it will be great fuel for regenerating your energy in a way that lets you launch some of your dreams. Regarding relationships you may need to plant your feet and take a closer look. You may find some ulterior motives that will surprise you. Financially there are some great options around you that can give you greater security – that’s something your soul is yearning for right now. A partner or friend who lives a distance away may have some financial or career offers for you. Keep your eyes open and be aware of the strings attached. And remember that now is not a good time to mix love and business!


If you are open to it, there is an opportunity this month to bring healing to an old relationship. Past misunderstandings and illusions will be shattered and cleared away. The result is that you will free up a lot of energy that’s been tied up for a long time. In fact, you may very well find that you are now not only able to talk about these past issues and situations, but that a dam has burst within you and you are talking and talking and talking…and completely rethinking and reworking the life you want to live. Towards the end of the month you are going to discover a dichotomy within you – that you have two or more people living within you that want and need different things. Get used to it, you are finally discovering yourselves!


You are still on the relationship wheel of intensity, insecurity, changeability, and volatility. My suggestion? Roll with it. All of this change and both internal and external conflict is helping you towards self assertion. It is helping you, perhaps for the first time, to really put yourself and your own needs and desires first and to be comfortable with that. You have a habit of suspending your own things, setting them aside, and focusing on the ‘important’ stuff your partner, friend, family member, boss, colleague, or whomever, want to do. The current changes in the lives of your partners and friends are leading you to become a new person. You can possible fulfill all of those deep needs, nor, you are beginning to realize, do you want to. As you step forward into your new world alone or with someone you realize it honestly doesn’t’ matter which, because you are finally feeling whole.


This month finds you focused on finances, your career path, and your relationship in equal measure. If you can blend them together you are ahead of the game! Having or creating supportive partnerships is imperative. You are making money Scorpio, but it seems to be going out as quickly as it is coming in. Look at all of your expenses to plug whatever leakage you can find. You need to martial your finances carefully. This can either be a wonderful time for laying a foundation for the financial freedom and security you crave, or a time that you incur grave responsibilities and even debt that you cannot run from.  


You are feeling burdened and overtired of the responsibility in your life this month Sagittarius, and that you are tired of putting your life on hold for your mate, friend, spouse, partner, or colleague. It is time for you to begin to lay a foundation for your own future. Take charge of your finances. You will have to keep secrets – your own or someone else’s. You do not need to end your relationships with the people you love, nor even explain your actions. You are learning to live a double life where you can satisfy the desires of your partner and also your own in a totally separate way. Key to all of this is financial independence. If you don’t have it in your life now, work to create it and you will be glad you did.


Family and relationships, security and home issues dominate your thoughts and your life through much of this month Capricorn. Your home and family are going through some radical shifts and you find yourself more and more alone yet you will find you cherish that almost hermitage space. For those of you who are working or have a career path, your family and your career may be pulling you in two different directions. You will get good at balancing your time and energy for sure! If you are travelling this month (and you should be!) all kinds of good and exciting experiences are coming your way. Travel in particular with a close friend or sibling could be great fun. Travel involving work or career opportunities is also a good likelihood if it interests you, and if you don’t want to travel physically you might try your hand at the internet. It’s the right time to launch that internet based business!


Some soul searching is going on for you this month Aquarius, as you put up a good front while wrestling with issues you feel stuck in the middle of, or just stuck on, and that seem to be routed deep in your past. Secrets seem to be enveloping nearly every aspect of your life, from your relationship to your work to your family. Take the time to sort through these feelings, to hunt for your answers, to look at the truths in your life. This will help you to create the balance in your life that you are missing. The success of your future relationships, the financial security you and your loved ones crave, depends upon your creating the correct balance for YOU in your life.


I hope you are doing some traveling this month Pisces, because the stars are certainly right for it! Everything from long trips to short excursions to family visits will be fun, and will be exactly what you need! If you have met someone who is a potential romantic or business partner, what a great time to reach out to them and if they are a distance away, exchange visits with them. There is a temptation to mix love and business matters together and just this one time that might even work – although that could easily lead to a change of residence for one of you which is certainly something to keep in mind before you dive in. If married, your mate will have the opportunity to choose a new career path that could involve travel or a move. Or you could find yourself living between two homes or localities. Family matters are a concern this month as there are changes in the well being of older family members that could affect some choices you make in the future. Just remember to think through the ramifications of any offers you make to help.


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