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Sandy’s Psychic Protection Tip #10

Posted on Feb 22, 2014 in Events, News, Newsletter, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Psychic Protection Tip #10

young woman in office is overwhelmed with work. burnout in workHave you ever been flying high with success one minute and then felt like you were belly punched to the ground the next, following just a short interaction with someone who undermined your success with a few well place words?  Folks, all of us have been subjected to this kind of nose dive occasionally.  Anyone could do this to you, but the people who are best at dropping you to your knees are usually those you love most and who are closest to you.   But why would someone, especially someone you love, do this to you if they did not have your best interests in mind?

The answer is Energy of course. When someone is chronically low energy, for whatever reason, it is often easier to take the high energy of someone else than to do the work to replenish their own. But don’t be too loud in your condemnation of those energy suckers.  All of us are, upon occasion, psychic vampires.  Some, unfortunately, are full-time energy vampires. Those you should quickly identify and exclude from your life to the best of your ability.  Here’s what to do about the part-time vampires:  The first step to dealing with them is for you to be aware of your feelings and to be strong in your own belief in yourself.  Be aware immediately of any fluctuations in your own energy.

A sudden shift in your emotions from happy to depressed is a great giveaway you’re being vamped. By being centered within yourself you will quickly recognize the negative or antagonistic comments being directed against you.  Your first thought should not be, “Wow, I wonder if I really do look horrible?” it should be “I wonder why this person I am speaking with wants to make me feel badly about myself?”

As soon as you change how YOU RECEIVE the comment, it no longer has the power to undermine you in any way.  Your second step is merely to decide how you want to deal with this negative person.  You may excuse yourself and walk away.  You may just laugh and change the subject.  You may actually ask the person why they want to make you feel bad, putting THEM on the defensive.  There are many ways to proceed, but the important thing is to never give an excuse, or appear to be vacillating in your response.  If the vampire detects weakness, the cycle begins again.

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