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Sandy’s Psychic Protection Tip # 19

Posted on Dec 20, 2014 in Education, Newsletter | 2 comments

eco, bio, home, nature, power saving concept - woman hands holdiPsychic Protection Tip # 19: A Special House-Clearing

I always tell my students and clients how important it is to keep your home clear and clean energetically all year long.

Most people are unaware that the energy build-up from all of the emotional issues in your life actually collects itself as an unpleasant residue in your home.  Just as you dust your home and furnishings, and wash your floors to keep them clear of earthly dirt and grime, you’ve also got to clear away the dirty, grimy energy that’s collected there.

Have you ever noticed that when you have an argument in a room that the next time you walk into that room you find yourself thinking about the issues and becoming angry again? That’s energy residue from the emotions generated during the argument. That’s what I am talking about!

When your home is energetically clear it is a calm, peaceful, happy and healing place to be, for yourself, your family, and your visitors.  But just how do you go about clearing your home? When should you clear it?

Let’s talk about when to do a house-clearing first:

Obviously you should do an energy-clearing in your home any time it feels ‘off’.  Clear it following an argument or an illness. Clear it after you’ve had a visitor who made you feel uncomfortable or any big event that created chaos or upheaval in your space.

There are also traditional times to clear your home that follow the energetic tides of the year. If you observe them, this year your home will be a peaceful retreat all year.

The most important time for house-clearing is now, right at the start of the New Year.

The first house-clearing of the year should be done on or around the Winter Solstice.  That date will vary from year to year but is somewhere between December 21st and 24th.  The Winter Solstice or Yule used to be the time for New Years celebrations – the time that ended the old year and celebrates the new.  With the advent of the Gregorian Calendar though that date shifted to January 1st.  So if you do it at your first opportunity you’ll be fine.

The next time for a thorough house-clearing is on or around the Spring Equinox (that usually falls around March 21st). After that do your next clearing on or around the Summer Solstice (around June 21st) and your final clearing on or around the Fall Equinox (around September 21st).

Clearing at these times follows the rise and fall of planetary energy and has a longer lasting effect than just clearing as needed.  Do both!

Here’s How To Clear Your Home:

Begin in the East at a corner. Use incense (sage, pine, cedar, or frankincense and myrrh are my favorites) to ‘smudge’ the air as you move clockwise ( to your right) around the inner inside perimeter of your home, carrying the incense from room to room always moving clockwise.  If your home has several floors repeat this for each floor.  Open any closets or draws to make sure your incense clears everything.  If you can’t do incense you can melt some camphor (Vick’s Vapor Rub) in warm water and carry that around.  Or use a feather or fan or broom to ‘whisk’ negative energy away as you move clockwise.  

Go completely around until you reach your starting point in the East.  Visualize all of the excess or negative etheric energy being collected and blown or brushed out a window as you do this.  This is the clearing part of your ‘ritual’.

Now take a cup of water with 3 pinches of Kosher, Rock, or Sea Salt stirred in.  Or just carry a dish of salt to lightly sprinkle.  Salt is an amazing grounding agent.  You will use it to seal your perimeter.  Again, from the East, move clockwise (to your right) completely around each floor following the same path and pattern as before. Sprinkle the salt water or salt gently as you go.

Last, we will seal the perimeter. Starting from this same point and moving clockwise one last time around your inner perimeter, draw wither a banishing cross or a banishing pentagram in the air in front of every door and window.  A banishing cross is drawn by first drawing the vertical line upward and then crossing it.  A banishing pentagram or 5-pointed star is drawn by starting at the bottom on either side and drawing your first line up and outward projecting away from your body, and then completing the star by tracing it with your hand in the air in front of you.
Enjoy your clear and protected space. 

Don’t forget to repeat this every 3 months at each Equinox and Solstice!


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  1. Kelly

    Thank you Sandy for this- I’m beginning to think you know just about everything about how to manage spiritual life! I did this today and my house hasn’t felt this clear really since I moved in- and I had tried about everything. Thank you and Happy New Year!

  2. joan garling

    What does “draw wither” mean?

    The entire north wall of my condo is next to very negative neighbor. Do I sprinkle salt on our “shared” wall or the perimeter of my entire condo?

    Thank you, Sandy.

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