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Sandy’s Psychic Protection Tip #21

Posted on Feb 18, 2015 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Psychic Protection Tip #21: Where Do You Look?

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When I used to teach elementary school I could always tell which students in my classes came from emotionally and psychically abusive households. They were always the students who refused to make eye contact with me. They did everything they could to avoid eye contact with me, the authority in the classroom. They’d look down, up, sideways, turn their head, even turn completely away from me, all to avoid that direct eye contact.

Why did they do that? They instinctively knew that psychic energy flows from and through the eyes, especially projecting from the right eye which is your ‘sending’ eye. Experience had taught them that by averting their gaze from the person who was trying to pin them with theirs, they prevented that energy connection that made them feel bad.

I knew immediately what was going on, because I’d experienced the same thing in my own childhood.

My mother was a phenomenal, although undeclared psychic and a projective empath. That means she could project her feelings on me easily. She primarily used her eyes to do it. She would pour her energy out through her right eye (her sending eye) and look with intensity directly at my left (receiving) eye. I was not allowed to look away. Without even saying or doing anything she could make me feel as if had just sustained the worst beating of my life, just with that projection of attack-based energy from her right eye to my left.

Like those children in my classes, I had learned to look away. My vision even deteriorated so that by the time I was in junior high I was wearing bottle-glasses. I didn’t have to worry about that eye-thing anymore because no one could even see my eyes. I hid.

But later in life I discovered I didn’t have to do that.

Here are some pointers I learned that I’d like to share with you. They will once and for all put an end to eye-based psychic attacks in your life!

a – find out if you are left-eye (like me) or right-eye dominant. Left eye dominant means you are a receptive empath, right eye dominance means you are a generative empath. Just pay attention to which eye you feel like you are primarily looking out of. Or turn your head left and right while looking straight ahead to see which eye you are most comfortable looking out of. Another way to do this is to put a telescope to your eye. Which one do you automatically look through?

b – if you are right-eye dominant, you are more likely to be the psychic projector (and attacker when you are angry) and should be aware of your effect on others. If you are left-eye dominant you are an empathic receiver and at the mercy of all those good projectors in your world. The rest of this article is for you!

c – Here’s the first thing you need to remember. Your left eye needs to be protected and never connected to the right eye of another person unless they are your lover and in a loving mood! That means that when I am dealing with a right eye dominant person, which I will note by the discomfort I suddenly start feeling as they get excited about our conversation, I turn my head slightly left so my left eye is not easily visible. Or I consciously bring my own gaze to a point above their head, or I look with both of my eyes at their brow, between their eyes.

*I do not make eye contact from my left eye to their right eye, ever!

d -If I want to be in charge of the conversation, I reverse the energy flow by consciously gazing from my right eye and I look at their left eye. Try it. You will be amazed at how quickly many would-be psychic attackers run away when you do this!

e – In normal conversation I still consciously project my energy from my right eye, but I direct my energy to their forehead or above their head. I don’t seek to dominate by focusing on their left eye. It took me considerable practice to be able to do that. I was just so much more comfortable looking out of that left eye. But I did it, and so can you. These days when I allow my left eye to be dominant, it is because I am looking at someone or something I fully want to absorb, and it is a fully conscious act.

Of course this really altered my relationship with my mother too. No longer able to dominate me with her gaze, she actually learned to talk with me. How nice was that!

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