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Sandy’s Psychic Protection Tip # 25

Posted on Jul 19, 2015 in Education, Newsletter | 0 comments

Psychic Protection Tip # 25

Guard Your Thoughts!  – Insight #1

Thinking man silhouette with thought colorful bubblesDo you know how much energy your mind uses? People who work with their minds often compare working on a single problem to spending all day in a ditch digging a hole.

When your body is tired you can usually take a short rest and quickly your energy will regenerate. But when your mind is tired you find yourself either retreating from people or getting angry with them. All you want to do is be by yourself and go to sleep. Sometimes when you’ve overworked your mind even a full night’s rest can’t replenish the energy you’ve used up through your mental activity. Some people suffer severe depression and even anxiety when their mind gets stuck on the treadmill of over activity and they can’t seem to stop it, nor the constant flow of their energy to it. These people often turn to anti-depressants and sleep aids to turn their minds off for them, so they can finally get some rest.

Your mind is the most energy-hungry part of your being. So, just like you conserve energy in your home by turning out excess lights and keeping exterior doors closed to prevent heat or AC from escaping, you need to conserve the energy that your mind uses by taking some simple steps.

This Psychic Protection Tip is intended to be the first Insight in a series of tips that will help you to stop the energy loss uncontrolled brain activity creates. These tips will not necessarily be ordered in a series as I will be touching upon other topics as well. But each of these Tips to Guard Your Thoughts will be easy to find as they’ll have the same title with a different Insight #. And yes, some of these tips will teach you how to guard against telepathic invasion as well.

So here’s your first Guard Your Thoughts Psychic Protection Tip:

Scientists and researchers know that if you are working on a project and are interrupted, even by a brief phone call from a stranger, or the need to answer the door, even by your dog barking if it steals your attention from the task at hand, that it takes 20 minutes for you to regain your focus and momentum once you put your attention back on your project.

That means that just looking up from your work long enough to spend 30 seconds telling your daughter where her jacket is cost your 20 minutes of focused work time.

As a psychic I know that this is because to answer her question you had to shift your attention, and attention is energy. When you were directing all of your considerable attention to your project, that was taking maybe 80% of your overall energy availability depending upon your concentration level. When your daughter interrupted and asked for the location of her jacket, that flow of energy got redirected from your project to her. She got a blast of energy that may have felt good if you were in the flow and didn’t mind the interruption, or if you didn’t have to think much about the answer. In that case you divided your attention and didn’t totally shift it. Your daughter got maybe 30% of the available energy. But it could have taken the full 80% of your energy you were directing towards the project if you were at a crucial part of your project, resented being interrupted, and didn’t know where the jacket was so you had to turn all your attention to it, and her. In fact, in this case, you might have actually blasted her with that energy and she might have felt it as a psychic attack. Meanwhile, you would have totally lost the project and had to begin it from scratch when you returned to it.

Do you have certain people in your life who seem to always drop by when you are involved with a crucial moment in an important project? Or who phone you when you are in the middle of one? Do you have children who ‘need’ your focused attention every time you turn your mental focus and planning to something that is not them? In fact, to something that consumes a whole lot of your mental energy?

Add the names of those people to your list of Vampires in your life. Make rules for yourself that you will not answer the door or the telephone or answer email when you are focusing on a project that takes a lot of your mental focus. Plan the timing of such projects. Do them when the kids are at school or involved with an activity of their own or asleep.

If you have a friend who interrupts you constantly when you are in a conversation, or who asks a question and then follows up with another question before you can answer the first – that friend is a Vampire. By keeping your mind hopping from thing to thing they are stealing the energy that you lose as you refocus your attention following each jump. If that friend is unaware of what they are doing, enlighten them. We human beings are all energy sensitive. Unless we are aware we often gather around the energy watering hole at someone else’s expense.




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