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Sandy’s Psychic Protection Tip #27

Posted on Aug 18, 2015 in News, Newsletter | 2 comments

frozen in icePsychic Protection Tip #27 –

Guard Your Thoughts Insight #2  “Surface Thoughts”

This second Guard Your Thoughts Insight is about the difference between what I call your ‘surface thoughts’ and your private thoughts.

A ‘surface thought’ is most easily recognized as that thought that is in your mind just before you are getting ready to say it.

Essentially your mind works on three levels. The first is the totally subconscious level, where you are formulating a thought that you are not really even aware of yourself.

The second is on the ‘private thought’ level, where an idea is coming together in your mind. You are aware of it, and letting it sort of drift around, you may even be thinking about it and playing with it as a ‘possibility’. But it hasn’t come together in a concrete way that you would share with others.

The third and final level, when thoughts become ‘surface thoughts’ is when your thought has become a full-fledged plan or idea, one you would readily discuss with others.   This is the level where your thoughts or ideas can readily and easily be ‘scooped up’ by others.

Have you ever had a friend who constantly finished your sentences? Or started talking about something you’d had on your mind, even before you brought it up?

That friend, like so many of us today, was telepathically receiving and reading your ‘surface thought’. You may find that friend irritating, or even feel like they are stealing your ideas, but YOU are the one who is feeding the idea to them. As soon as you bring it to the surface of your mind it is as if you are putting it on display for anyone who is on the same ‘wavelength’ as you to grab.

There are many receptive telepaths in our world today who don’t even know they are telepathic but who are literally enslaved by their tendency to pick up other people’s thoughts, which is the other side of this equation.

Do you find yourself always doing things for your friends and loved ones that you ‘know’ they need, or giving them things almost before they are aware they want them? If so, you are that receptive telepath and you have placed yourself at the mercy of other people’s thoughts and desires. You have made a slave out of yourself. Don’t blame your friend or partner. Consciously STOP anticipating other people’s needs and wait for them to voice them. You might find you even begin to have better relationships.

Telepathy is a FACT in our world and it goes on between all people all the time. Become a conscious telepath. Be responsible for your thoughts, both those ‘surface thoughts’ you are broadcasting to others, as well as the thoughts you have scooped up from others.


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    We need to talk , me and you pliz conatct me – thus my comment . Its about “psychopathic”

  2. Ap

    How to prevent though broadcasting? Are there any shields?Please help

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