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Sandy’s Psychic Protection Tip #32

Posted on Jan 20, 2016 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Psychic Protection Tip #32:

Energy is a commodity used for personal power – unblock and protect yours!

Man With Third Eye, Psychic Supernatural SensesThis psychic protection tip is about energy – specifically, your energy. You feel good when your energy level is high, you feel like you are having a ‘good day’. On these high energy ‘good’ days you are more productive, you are happy, upbeat, you are willing to take on any challenge and win, and you usually do! But when your energy is low, you feel out of sorts, irritable, depressed, hopeless, even angry. Your negative attitude draws still more things and people that in your perception ‘drain’ your energy and the cycle intensifies as your life circumstances slide downhill. If this energy low continues for some time, you get sick.

Life-force energy is an infinitely available commodity, so the only thing that can create a ‘low’ energy day is when your energy is blocked or when you are allowing someone else to use your energy instead of you. We call those people ‘psychic vampires’. A psychic vampire can only drain your energy if you have somehow turned your power over to them. I talk more about that in my ‘Evolution of Consciousness: Helping You to Succeed in Today’s World” webinar, and in my webinar and psychic protection tips concerning psychic vampires.

This psychic protection tip cuts right to the core issue about energy. It is better to have unlimited high energy than to have chronically low energy. The best way to maintain your flow of high energy is to unblock yourself to your natural unlimited supply, and then to protect yourself from potential future points of blockage.

Unblocking your energy supply is easy once you get the hang of it. The first step is to start paying attention to yourself, to how you ‘feel’ throughout the day. When something you are doing causes you to become unhappy, frustrated, or irritable…put it aside. You can always come back to it later if you choose to. Same thing with a person or social situation.

When you are having negative feelings about something, those feelings are telling you that in some way that thing is an energy drain to you at that moment in time and in the way that you are applying yourself to it.

When you continue to remain in what you feel is a negative situation without changing it, or your attitude towards it, you are pushing against yourself and creating your own internal resistance. You block your own energy flow.

That blockage will create an internal reservoir of energy that is blocked up and not accessible to you. It will either backflow to cause negative emotions and eventually illness, or attract vampire personalities who will easily realize that all they need do is keep you in that negative state and they can access the energy that you can’t.

So the way to remain unblocked as well as how to protect yourself from energy blockages that can steal your power is to be flexible in your mind and your actions, and pay attention to your emotional ‘temperature’ gauge. Take your temperature often throughout the day. When your energy is becoming blocked, change what you are doing or how you are doing it or who you are doing it with. You will feel an immediate release and will quickly recharge. You may even find that doing this leads you to discovering a more productive and enjoyable line of work, that you no longer wish to associate with some people in your life that just don’t feel good to you anymore, and that your entire life begins to shift into a more positive direction. You will find yourself engaging with people and activities that help you to open your energy flow, make you feel good and upbeat and happy about life.

This is HUGE, my friends. Re-read and re-watch this tip often, until it is a part of your personal outlook on life.



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