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Sandy’s Psychic Protection Tip #46

Posted on Feb 13, 2017 in Readings | 0 comments

Psychic Protection Tip #46

Tools for Psychic Protection – Tip #2

This psychic protection tip is the second in my new series of tips – “tools for psychic protection”. This one is about using stones and crystals for psychic protection.

This new series of tips is to give you some extra help when you are tired, worn down, or mentally, physically or emotionally sick. Those are the times when your energy level is too low to really focus your mind as well as you need to for optimal use of many of my other tips. These new tips use actual physical tools. They are for when you feel you cannot do a good enough job protecting yourself using the non-physical tools in my treasure chest of psychic protection tips. I even use many of these myself when I am dealing with excessive negativity around me and just feel like I need some extra protection.

There are many such tools. They are easy to purchase or create. If you’ve worked with my “mirror magic” series you are already using tools to aid you in your psychic protection. If you’ve read or listened to tip #46 you now know how to use Zero-Point technology as a wonderful aid.

This second tip giving actual tools for psychic protection is to introduce you to the use of stones and crystals as an aid to your psychic protection arsenal of tools. This is definitely one of my favorites.

Before I begin though I want to remind you again to always do your best to use your own grounding or psychic protection techniques that you’ve learned through my other tips fist. Those techniques train you to work with energy through visualization and understanding. Being able to protect yourself without tools is always your first and last line of defense!

Now, about using stones and crystals for added protection –

Stones and crystals are among the densest materials on our planet. We can loosely categorize the ‘Kingdoms’ of beings that inhabit our beautiful Earth as human, animal, vegetable, and mineral. (If you want to know more about these ‘Kingdoms’ I highly recommend a little book called, “The Kybalion” by Three Initiates). All of these obviously have a physical presence or a physical body right here on the material plane – but of them all, the mineral kingdom is the most dense. That means that from an energy standpoint, there is far more energy contained in a tiny little stone or crystal than there is in your entire body. Not only can stones and crystals hold more energy than you can, pound for pound, but they can release more energy as well. That makes them ideal storage batteries for energy.

Let me make my point a little more strongly. The atomic bomb that virtually liquidated Hiroshima during WWII weighed under 100 lbs but not only took out the entire city, but decimated a huge surrounding area as well.

Now when you are working with a stone or crystal for psychic protection, you certainly don’t want to blow up any cities. Or any people either. What you want is for that crystal you are carrying around your neck or in your pocket to release its energy slowly, over time, to create a certain protective energy around you and keep it there consistently.

How do you ‘charge’ a stone or crystal to do its job? First, of course, you’ve got to be clear on just what you want it to do. The more specific the job, the better the result. Just like with people.

Second, you need to get your crystal nice and clear. Almost any grounding and clearing technique you use on yourself will work on your crystal. An example is to sit it on a bed or soak it in a bath of sea salt overnight.

Next, you take your crystal and hold it in your right, sending or projective, hand. Shut everything else out of your mind and think only of the energy and action you want to fill your crystal with. For example, you want it to project a protective blue bubble around you each time you wear or hold it. So surround yourself mentally in that blue bubble as you hold the crystal.

Then breathe on the crystal and tell it in your own words how you want it to protect you by creating a blue bubble of protection around you whenever you wear or hold it.

And just that easily, you are done, and have now got a new ‘friend’ to protect you! At least weekly you should clear and reprogram your protection crystal to keep it in good working shape.

Tune in to see my next crystal tip on using crystals to protect your home or office!



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