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Sandy’s Psychic Protection Tip #54

Posted on Oct 21, 2017 in Newsletter | 1 comment

Psychic Protection Tip #54
It’s the Holiday Season!  My psychic protection tip this month is about how to enjoy the Holidays without becoming agitated, overtired, angry or depressed.  It is a fact that this most joyous time of the year is dreaded and feared by many.  I know some people who look forward to those family dinners with something close to panics, and others who simply go into hiding for two months at the end of each year.  I’ve heard that in first responder circles this time of year has often been called the ‘suicide season’!  But it doesn’t have to be that way.
Let’s first look at the underlying cause of so much negativity during a time that should be joyous.
Cause #1 – It is normal around the holiday season when family and friends come together, to miss those who are not present, for whatever reason.  For some, those feelings can be very deep and poignant.  We are all empaths and becoming more so every day.  There are two ways an empath can relate to another’s loss.  We can either buy into it, take it on as our own or reflect it back and either way we intensify it, and bring deep depression and other negative feelings into our gathering… or we can recognize it for what it is, honor the person who is missing, and offer peace and understanding to those who remain. Love and gratitude, not loss and depression, is the solution.

Cause #2 – Since holiday gatherings began as family affairs, we have all ‘inherited’ a whole list of behavioral expectations that we both have and also get hooked in by.  Many hate the holidays because they are forced to be with people they don’t like that day.  Let’s be honest – wouldn’t it be better to stay home than go somewhere you don’t want to be and then make everyone there miserable by projecting your annoyance and misery at them?  Again, empathy is the culprit.  This time though it is projective empathy.  There are two solutions here.  First, make your own holiday customs and give yourself the freedom to be where you want when you want and with whom you want.  If you want to go somewhere your mate or partner doesn’t, don’t force them, but do go yourself.  In fact, tell them you don’t want them to go unless they can find something to be happy about!  Take a clear and honest look at your own expectations and release those that don’t work for you or your family.
Most people are unaware that empathy works in both a receptive and a projective way. When you meet someone who is sad, and you feel sad, that is receptive empathy, the empathy most of us have come to recognize.  Projective empathy is harder to recognize but rampant in our society and very much responsible for most of the negativity you encounter around the holidays and at other times as well.  The reason it’s so hard to recognize is that it is most often silent and becomes viral and you get drawn into it so easily.  
For example, if someone is angry at you and yells at you it is easy to know they are angry.  Even so, you usually get angry back because your empathy picks up on their emotional projection.   Now consider that if that person is silently projecting their anger, but acting normal, you receive that anger and start to get angry yourself.  But without a focus it is undirected anger.  And so now you begin to project that anger outward and the next person you meet also becomes angry and so it spreads.  
The solution?  First, if you experience negative emotions around a certain person, avoid them.  They are projecting those emotions at you, and probably everyone else too.  If you experience negativity in a public place, leave that place.  It is not where you need or want to be.  When you begin to experience negative emotions that you can find no immediate cause for, it is more important to use some grounding, meditative, and or protection techniques to separate yourself from them as soon as possible than it is to figure out where they are coming from.  Many of my other Psychic Protection Tips cover how to do those.  
Have a wonderful, happy, safe and joyous holiday season!



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  1. Trish

    Such great advice! My holidays will be much better now. Thanks!

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