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Sandy’s Psychic Protection Tip #55

Posted on Nov 14, 2017 in Newsletter | 1 comment

Psychic Protection Tip #55

This psychic protection tip is especially dear to me as I received it during one of my Psychic Hour’s when Daphne Huggins, a webinar participant, shared her very creative ‘ritual’ for releasing all the old things, people, and situations in your life that you know are causing you continued pain or holding you back from stepping into the bright future that should be yours.

I have her permission to share it here with you….and I am also offering two modifications that are a great addition!

Daphne suggests that you create a small ritual for yourself. Take a helium filled balloon and focus all of your thoughts on those things that you know you want to rid yourself of on the balloon while holding it between your two hands, then release it outside and watch it float away off into the universe carrying your unwanted things with it.   Yay Daphne! What an awesome idea! We all respond well to ritual, and to using physical props to help us visualize and feel what we want to accomplish! I like it and will definitely use it myself!

I have a few additions though that I will add when I do it myself. First, I will choose a white balloon, for lightness….or a color I associate with the people, things, or situations I am releasing. Second, I will write all the things I am releasing down on a strip of paper, and insert it into the balloon before inflating it. Third, I will do this little ritual on a New Moon, best for releasing things and for work on you.

Now if, like me, you are a bit of conservationist and don’t want to risk wildlife swallowing a balloon, use a regular balloon, and when you are done ‘charging’ it with your thought and energy, pop the balloon and burn the bit of paper inside.

I also will try using this little ritual for bringing the things I want into my life!

I will do the ritual on a Full Moon, for starting new things. I will choose a color I associate with what I want; I will charge it by writing those things on a strip of paper and insert the paper into the balloon before filling it with air, hold it between my hands and focus my attention/energy on it, then I will release it outside or pop it and burn the paper. The advantage of blowing it up yourself is that your breath is your vital energy, your life force.

Try this! I think you will have great success!



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  1. Jody

    Excellent protection tips! I will give this a try, as there have been things that need elimination and releasing. Thank you Sandy.

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