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Sandy’s Psychic Protection Tip #56

Posted on Dec 15, 2017 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Psychic Protection Tip #56

Archangel Michael

Do you believe in Angels? How about Archangels?

For years I have been calling upon the presence of the Archangel Michael when I have felt the need for great help and protection in dealing with a physical, emotional, or energetic situation.

Archangel Michael is the Archangel we associate with the energy of the South, his energy is Fire energy. His energy is powerful, and he helps the spirit to overcome the physical in any defensive situation.

There are four major Archangels. They are Raphael, Archangel of the East and of Air, Michael, Archangel of the South and of Fire, Gabriel, Archangel of the West and of Water, and Uriel, Archangel of the North and of Earth. Together these four powerful beings hold together the fabric of our physical plane. They are very powerful indeed.

To strengthen your connection to Archangel Michael, visualize him as clothed in red and green. Say his name aloud. Face south to call upon him. Feel his fiery warmth. Ask his help with your defense. He will come. He will give you his strength to deal with whatever challenge lies before you.

For those of you who want or need to take more time and achieve more balanced protection, use my psychic protection tip #23 to call all four Archangels for Guidance and Protection, and for the greatest defense, go to my website and learn how to use the free Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram that also calls the help of all four of the Archangels, and that I offer there



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