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Sandy’s Psychic Protection Tip #57

Posted on Jan 15, 2018 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Sandy’s Psychic Protection Tip #57


This psychic protection tip is for you, for your young children, and for any new endeavor you are beginning. It’s about when to use boundaries vs. actual protection.

     The greatest time of vulnerability is always at the beginning. For that reason it is important to protect new projects, new relationships, newly born and young children, and anything new in your life right from the start. But over protection can squash that very thing you are trying to birth.

     It is actually best to set firm boundaries that will allow the new entity to be safe while growing and developing; that will allow it to experience what it needs to in order for it to grow into what you wish it to be…and along the way, you and it can learn where it needs actual physical and psychic protection.

     For example, I have seen many over protective parents who squashed their children’s creativity and independence and eventually created rebellious and troubled children, by overprotecting them. One example is a mom who wouldn’t let her young son socialize with other children after school because she was afraid that outside her direct control he would develop a friendship with another boy who would lead him into trouble. She carefully hand-picked his friends and had play dates at her home. She felt secure and believed that she was protecting him. But in that over protected environment he didn’t learn about people. He didn’t learn that some people were not to be trusted. He didn’t learn that some would punch him, or even steal from him. He didn’t even learn to exercise his own right to choose who he liked and who he didn’t. Predictably, that resulted in her son actually seeking out a friend his mom frowned upon and getting into the very trouble she had feared. Better she had set rules that established boundaries but left him the freedom to choose and to grow within those boundaries.

The message here is that when we over protect something or someone we prevent or at best inhibit its growth and development.

     So this psychic protection tip is about setting boundaries that will foster growth and the development of psychic protection and other positive behaviors and abilities.

     Strong boundaries are an absolute necessity psychically. Here’s another real-life example. A young woman brought her loving, trusting, innocent and psychically open little girl into a store I frequent. The baby exuded unconditional love, and happiness. Immediately the employees and every customer in the shop gathered round. Each had to have a turn holding this loving little baby-girl. The little one began to become red and teary. To my eyes her aura darkened and retracted, barely seen around her body. Still, the mom passed her around as more people wanted to hold her. By the time she left the child had become near hysterical. I later learned that by the next day the baby was sick and had to be brought to the doctor.

     The unspoken message this mom gave to her empathic little girl was that she had to allow all others to drain off her energy, or dump their excess energy on her. She had to be open to all people, and could not say no. How many of you reading this relate to this? Did you have a similar experience in your youth? Many receptive empaths have.

     It is important to have these types of experiences, in a limited way, in order to choose those that feel good, and learn when to protect yourself, when to stay, or when to leave. The woman in this example wanted to show off her beautiful little baby to everyone so she set no boundaries. If this mom had been aware of her child’s needs and set boundaries this could have been a positive experience. She could have limited the holding to 2 or 3 people. Or she could have taken the child back as soon as she saw her beginning to fret. The baby would have learned an early important lesson – it’s ok to say no.

     So when initiating anything new in your life please apply these same principles that are so easy to see when applied to children. Set firm boundaries. Have time limits. Guide but don’t over control except when absolutely necessary. Decide what will be acceptable and what will not be. Boundaries are not carved in stone. They can be made flexible so they can grow with your needs. With firm boundaries in place for anything you are initiating, you will quickly learn where you need to apply actual psychic or even physical protection and you won’t be so overprotective that you suffocate whatever it is you are trying to birth.

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