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Sandy’s Psychic Protection Tip # 58 – Dealing with Tension

Posted on Feb 15, 2018 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Psychic Protection Tip # 58

– Dealing with Tension

Everyone seems to be dealing with so much tension in their lives right now, that I felt this is the perfect time for a psychic protection tip about how to deal with tension psychically. This will include how to make positive use of our tension, and how to block, redirect, or deflect it’s negative aspects.

First off, it’s important to recognize what tension really is. In its most basic expression, it is the building up of energy, or force, behind a dam or blocking device. When that build up of energy approaches a nearly explosive point, we call it tension. Most of us associate tension with negative things like tension headaches or the tension between people before a fight. But there is also tension between lovers before that love is consummated, and in fact, there must be tension accumulated in your very muscles every time you call on them to move or you couldn’t move at all.

So the first thing to realize about tension is there is both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ tension, and whether or not it is good or bad depends entirely upon how we use it! The first part of this tip concerns how to ‘block’ tension. In reality you aren’t blocking it when you use this technique; rather you are simply choosing not to buy into whatever it is that is causing the tension.

For example, a friend who is low on energy insults you in order to cause tension that they expect to result in your emotional explosion which they are counting on to start the fight that will generate energy for themselves. Frankly that’s pretty psychically savvy on their part, because they are using your tension to give them energy! You can readily ‘block’ the tension though, and the resulting explosive release, and feeling of being drained and upset that will follow, by recognizing what is being engineered here and instead of getting insulted, you just realize your friend is low on energy and tell them to go on home and get some sleep, it’s been a long day (or something like that).

Or, if you didn’t sidestep the insult emotionally, allowing yourself to be drawn in and the tension has already built up, instead of releasing it in a negatively directed explosion, release it in laughter, choosing to take the insult as a joke. That technique is a redirection of the psychic force released in the explosion, and since it allowed you to relax it made you feel good, and since it didn’t focus the ‘fight’ energy on the friend, you didn’t lose your energy. It’s a win-win in the realm of psychic energy protection and teaches you great control over your energy to do.

Try it! It leaves you with a great feeling. A deflection would be to allow the energy to build up and be released in anger – but you choose the person, situation or thing you are going to direct the released anger at. For example instead of giving that energy to your low-energy friend, you deflect it into the project your are working on where it will give you the extra energy you need to stay up longer to finish the project, or to make those extra phone calls. Artists and musicians frequently use this technique, directing their explosive emotions into writing a piece of music, or painting a new picture. Athletes direct that extra energy into extra practice, or doing a higher jump on their skis than they’ve ever done before. You get the idea by now I am sure. Psychologists call this last technique sublimation.

I think by now you are understanding that tension is a well of energy that can cause trouble if you are not conscious of it, but can be a well-spring you can freely draw on if you are aware of it.

Here’s a suggestion – make a list of the things in your life that create that feeling of tension. In the future, when you need energy for something, do one of those things that creates tension for you first. Then turn your attention to the thing you want to do, and see just how much extra energy you have now, that you can apply to your project. That is a positive use of tension.

Have fun exploring this one folks. Make tension your friend, not your enemy!

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