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Sandy’s Psychic Protection Tip #62 – Plant Protection

Posted on Jun 18, 2018 in Newsletter | 1 comment

Psychic Protection Tip #62 – Plant Protection

Bright Green ForestThis psychic protection tip is going to be especially welcomed by gardeners.

Are you aware that any bush or tree in the evergreen family is both wonderfully protective and also supplies lots of extra energy?

Observe that when a wild fire moves through a pine forest it destroys the  undergrowth but many of the pine trees actually come back from the conflagration soon after.  This is because even though the tips of the branches may catch fire,  the energy and chemistry of the tree is powerful enough to prevent the total destruction of the tree, so new growth sprouts.

Many cultures use evergreens to celebrate birth and new life because of their resiliency.  They can withstand drought, floods, and as you see above, even fire.

One of the exercises I ask my students to do in my psychic development classes is to sit under a pine tree and ‘tune in’ to the energy they feel.  Most feel a powerful energetic flow both coming up into the tree from the earth, and another equally powerful flow grounding into the earth down through the roots of the tree. The tree grounds your energy when you tune into it, and energizes you at the same time!

What an amazing feeling of renewal.

Try that yourself when you have the chance.  It is truly an amazing feeling, and a good way to ground, clear and recharge yourself.

Another way that I use living pine trees is by planting them adjacent to my front door, or at a cross roads, or in a row to the west of my home.  In each of these locations they supply a protective energetic shield, absorbing and grounding negative energy, and re-energizing in a positive way anything that passes by or under them.

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  1. Justine Lizard

    Should I buy this house that is exposed to neighbors and the road and plant pine trees to block out the world?

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