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Sandy’s September 2015 Editorial

Posted on Aug 18, 2015 in News, Newsletter | 0 comments

Sandy AnastasiHello Everyone,

As we move into September I feel a new energy coming in. There is a sense of ‘responsible freedom’ that everyone I speak with is embracing. Let me explain.

Most of my students and clients spent the spring and summer months wrapping up issues from the past three years as Saturn completed its last retrograde back into Scorpio, a sign that causes us to dig deep into our behavioral patterns concerning, money, business, sex, love, manipulation and control. Most of us got a really deep long look at the lives our personal patterns had created, and by the time Saturn turned direct in August, we’d made our minds up to change the patterns we can, and we set boundaries accordingly. We needed to be self-centered during all this time, so that we could get in touch with our own needs and make the best choices for ourselves. A wise old woman once told me, “It’s impossible to make other people happy, or take care of their needs, until you’ve first taken care of your own, and found your own way to happiness.”

It’s a subtle thing, really…but as our entire World population moves forward into the fall, we do so with a greater sense of maturity, and of understanding of ourselves and others. These last three years have been a wonderful growing-time for all of us.

And now we are perfectly poised to move forward with our plans and our dreams, unburdened with the misunderstandings and misbehaviors of the past.

That’s why I planned my monthly webinar for September to be a Ritual for Harvesting and Releasing. That’s intended to help anyone along who wants a little help moving into their future!

Meanwhile, let me tell you why September is so important, and it’s not just because the Fall Equinox occurs on the 23rd. First of all, Saturn finally moves out of Scorpio (not to return for 29 years – do I hear “HOORAY”?) It then moves into Sagittarius on the 19th. Sagittarians who are curious about what this means should look back at what was going on in their lives from November 2014 through mid-February 2015. That was a preview. But what does that mean for the rest of us? Well, in areas of career, life lessons and responsibility, we get the same preview. Time for a quick look-back at your calendars everyone.

But there’s more. A few days after Saturn moves into Sagittarius, Pluto goes direct in Capricorn. Things (or people) that have been blocking your forward momentum, in some cases for years, will be removed, and soon. That means that old opportunities you may have actually given up on will be returning. If they do, be aware that this is your last shot at them. There will be an emphasis on and many changes in all forms of education, particularly those that embrace a one-world philosophy. This planetary combination is not auspicious for rules and controls that aren’t grounded on real needs. That applies to Nations, Governments, Religions, as well as families and our very social structure. We are moving into a time when individuals and groups of like-minded individuals will be acting on their own beliefs, based on solid information.   I’m not saying that the great majority of people will become law breakers – but I AM saying that people will expect laws and rules to make good sense or they will find a way around them. As I said, on the whole we are becoming a more mature and more responsible world population – one that is or will soon be able to embrace self-government.

On the 13th we have the first of a series of eclipses that are activating the astrological axis of Virgo and Pisces. This is the astrological axis of help and service, of medicine, but also of addiction and co-dependency. On a world-wide as well as personal basis more attention will be paid towards those less fortunate, and you will see us moving towards a more solution based society.

A Lunar eclipse on the 28th is the last eclipse in Aries, sign of self-consciousness, for many years – so it’s important for you to know what YOU want, and get your action plan set NOW.

Once this month really gets underway, it’s going to begin a non-stop momentum that carries you forward into the fall and we’ll be bringing in the New Year before you know it. You are going to have trouble keeping up and life is going to be happening so quickly that you will be happy you had a plan!

Those of you who want more astrological insights into this month’s happenings, be sure to read John Maerz’ Astrolights article. Those who want help letting go and moving forward, be sure to sign up for my Reading Special this month, and don’t miss my Monthly Webinar. Both will be a great help!

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi

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