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Seeing Beyond the Veil Workshop with Sandy Anastasi

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Seeing Beyond The Veil – One Day Workshop with Sandy Anastasi

Friday, October 24th, 2014 – 10am – 6pm Eastern Time.
Seeing Beyond The Veil workshop — Instructor: Sandy Anastasi.

The Dying Process and What Happens After Death and Who are Your Higher Self and Your Guides

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER DEATH? – Have you ever had someone close to you die and wondered where they really went? Have you ever tried to contact someone on the “other side” or felt a loved one trying to contact you? This class is for anyone who has ever wondered what follows after death. You will never look at life or death in the same way again!

THE HIGHER SELF – Today everyone is talking about their “Higher Self.” But just what is that? Learn from an experienced psychic and mystic who has spent years delving into the subject objectively and subjectively. A guided meditation takes you on an inward journey to meet your Higher Self.

GUIDES & HELPERS – We all have them helping us through life’s journey on the physical and spiritual planes. Learn the different types of guidance you receive regularly, where it comes from and how to tune in better! Meet your own life guide, guardian angel and totem animal in a special guided meditation.

THE ELEMENTAL KINGDOM – There are more inhabitants in the world than those we know and see. Unseen beings interact with the physical world around us helping to build and maintain it. Learn about the garden elementals of Findhorn, magic, oriental devas and even those we create our selves. We can work with them consciously in peaceful co-existence.

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Registration – $100.

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