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September 2015 Reading Special

Posted on Aug 18, 2015 in Newsletter, Readings | 1 comment

yoga positionSeptember 2015 reading special

“You Can’t Grow Until You Let Go”

     The Fall Equinox is on September 23rd. This is one of my favorite times of the year, as it reminds me that it is time to ‘harvest’ the work and activities I’ve done during the preceding spring and summer, pull together and organize the plans I’ve dreamed of, and get my “inner house” in order. By doing all those things I can set the stage for a productive Fall and Winter.

     This is the time of year I find its most important to be clear on what I need to let go of and ‘clean out’ of my inner and outer house, so to speak, in order to make the most of the coming months. Doing this at this time of year also helps me to get energetically in sync with the universal flow of energy. As a result, everything in my life moves more smoothly for the next year.

     In my reading special for you this month I am going to help you to do what I do every year for myself at this time. The ability to get focused on what is most important, to ‘harvest’ the best of what I’ve attracted to myself in the past months, and to ‘see’ what needs to be set aside for me to achieve my goals most easily, is what has made me successful in my life and in my work.

     This is what I propose to share with you in my reading special this month.

     If you really want to be fully in touch with your own needs and your own Path and be solidly on track, don’t miss this special opportunity.

     My Guides and I, working with astrology, numerology, and channeling, will help to give you the firm and solid guidelines to make your life better, and to help you move towards living the life you want to be living, starting NOW.

   I began offering my reading specials last January in order to give people who want to move forward with their lives an affordable way to get a reading with me and my Guides.

   This reading will only take about a half hour of your time, and is only $195. Don’t miss out. Schedule your time NOW


Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi



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  1. Barbara Scott

    During this reading will you answer some questions, like two or three?

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