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Study Psychic Development with Sandy in Sunny Florida

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Four Days of Study

Live in Person with Sandy Anastasi

In Beautiful Sunny Florida

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Psychic Development Level 1 – The Fundamentals

Psychic Development Level 2 – Energy and Auras

January 28th – PD 1

January 29th – PD 1

January 30th – PD 2

January 30th – EVENING


January 31st – PD 2

10:00am – 5:00pm each day

Tampa, Florida

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This FOUR-DAY workshop is a beginner’s course preparing and developing your mental, intuitive and physical bodies through processes of meditation, visualization and other techniques geared to raise consciousness, balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain, bridge the conscious mind and open your chakras and energy centers.

In Psychic Development Level One – practical techniques of protection, long distance viewing, self-hypnosis, telepathy & dream interpretation are presented. Of benefit to all levels of proficiency.

Psychic Development Level Two is designed to teach students how to perceive, see, feel and read subtle energies such as auras and other forms of magnetic energies especially for psychic readings and psychic diagnosis of illness. Visualization techniques, telepathy exercises, meditation and dream interpretation begun in Level 1 will be continued.

Sandy accepts young people 14 years or older into her Sandy Anastasi’s Psychic Development Level One program as long as they are accompanied by their parent. These youngsters get 50% off when their parent pays full price.

Teens and Parents Who attended the PD1 workshop:




Workshop Registration –

PD1 & PD2 Four Day Workshop


Registration $625.00 –
For more information or if you are student looking to repeat this class,
please e-mail Lisa at [email protected]



Check out with PayPal and choose Bill Me Later. Subject to credit approval. See Terms.

AtriumVenue: The Sheraton Suites Tampa Airport Westshore Hotel. ‘This is the perfect Venue for this event and for your stay. Wireless High Speed Internet Access, free airport transportation, free shuttle service and parking is included. All rooms are two room suites with kitchenette, sitting area and work desk, plus a pull out sofa! Click here for a Special rate or call 888-627-8261




Sandy’s Thoughts about

Becoming a Professional Psychic:


  • Your observation is accurate, and is definitely an issue for all people studying psychic development with any teacher, online or off. The psychic field has yet to mature into a viable, fully employable profession. When you go to college to become a nurse, you graduate and begin to look for jobs in a hospital or other nursing care facility; when you graduate with a certificate in psychic development you have gained all the tools you need to be an excellent practitioner in your chosen profession, but you have severely limited choices, at present, regarding where to employ those skills. As you noted, there are online psychic hotlines. There are New Age stores and Spiritualist Churches. Other than that, you are pretty much on your own, building your own business. Building your business as a psychic is not different than building your business in any other area. It requires hard work, focus, business and marketing skills, and a lot of dedication.

    In my classes I assume my students will utilize their skills in their personal lives and already existing careers, but I also give a good enough background and helpful hints in how to establish yourself as a psychic that I have already helped to expand the wold-wide professional psychic community by adding hundreds of Anastasi System graduates. I recall being at a gathering of psychics in New York where one well-known psychic medium commented that every professional psychic he spoke with at the gathering had either studied directly with me, or with one of my students who is now teaching!

    You will also note that one of the MP4 classes I offer on my site is by well-known business coach Kala Ambrose, addressing the business side of this profession. There will be more classes such as that offered in the future. I fully recognize that this has been a stumbling block for aspiring psychics – and I AM ADDRESSING IT!

    I foresee a rich future for psychics. More and more, we are all living in a psychic world. Eventually I see psychics and intuitives employed in nearly every other profession, where we can use our unique skills, particularly in telepathy and empathy, to bring greater success to those organizations. I see the professions of psychic prediction and psychic mediumship expanding constantly, as we achieve greater and greater acceptance in the world. Several of my former students have risen to fame, and have opened the doors to psychics appearing more and more frequently in the media. This is helping all of us.

    Also, keep in mind that psychics and intuitive’s also make wonderful life coaches – a field which is growing daily – and didn’t even exist a few years ago.
    I would love for you to take this program.

    But whether or not you do, I encourage you to stick with your dream of working as a psychic.



Testimonials for this class:

“I’ve been using the meditation techniques I learned in Sandy’s class each day since our classes. I find that I feel much less stress AND seem to be opening up to feeling more energy. In addition, my class partner and I have been doing our homework…establishing a time/date for a weekly “connection”…and we are having great success “receiving” each others messages! I can see already how Sandy’s class is changing my life…so glad to have the opportunity to experience her class” Bev “I participated in your class this weekend (along w/ my three rowdy friends). I want to thank you for you time and energy! Many times during class I thought I wasn’t “getting it”, and at the end of both days I felt exhausted. This morning I awoke, rested and don’t know exactly how to explain it, but feel lighter. (though I know I need to loose 20 LB”S). My senses are turned up several notches and when I am moving around I feel the air touching me. It’s pretty cool“. – Amy

“I’m sure u heard it all before. But please thank Sandy for herself..(Love U), her guides, and the class she gave.. It’s the Class That Keeps On Giving! Whoa! I know you are busy, I won’t go into gushy details, However thank u, thank u, Thank You;))) Shine On…”.- Kim

“Sandy is a GREAT teacher and the Psychic Development Course has added so much to my life!! It is like viewing everything in black and white and then going to color!! I have learned how to find signifigance in the little things that if you are unaware slip right on by you without notice! You HAVE to learn how to open yourself up to “seeing…hearing…and feeling.” Sandy has taught me how to do this safely. That and so much more!” – Lila

“Sandy, I just have to update you on all the amazing things that are happening since taking pd2. Since my ‘cone of power,’ was opened my dreams have become more intense and I have been getting more and more signs from my spirit guides! To be perfectly honest taking these classes are the best thing that has ever happened to me and it allows me to begin to build a firm foundation that will help me for the rest of my life. So thank you for creating these classes sandy, without them I would feel all over the place energetically. Also I have been practicing seeing auras, and saw ‘green’ around my hand last night! How cool!!! “- A. Nightingale


Maerz_HSChanneling & Messages Session

January 30th
7:00pm EST
Only $35 per person

Come join Psychic Medium John Maerz for a very enlightening 2 hour Messages session beginning at 7:00pm! John will be making connections from energies beyond this plane which may include those who have crossed over, angels and even guides! A fun filled yet very educational evening with John, who has a down to earth approach for delivering the messages he receives. Ensure your seat now!!

Please bring something to take notes as the messages come quickly and you may wish to check with friends and family members afterward to place information you were given. Please note that not everyone is guaranteed a message although John will pass along as many as he has time for. Location: Sheraton Suites Tampa Airport Westshore, 4400 W Cypress St, Tampa, FL For more information please e-mail Lisa at [email protected]

REGISTRATION For John Maerz Channeling Session:




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  1. Dawn mcDonald

    Can I still do this? I know the rooms are no longer at group rate, but can I still take the class?? and also…Is it required that I stay at the same hotel?..Not that i wouldn’t want too…I’m just tryin to figure things out… 😉 thanks for the opportunity!! xoxoxo ……Dawn

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