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Study the Tarot with Sandy Anastasi

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NEWSAN~15Study the Tarot with Sandy

Internationally-renowned psychic channel Sandy Anastasi has established herself as one of the preeminent teachers of our time.

With more than 30 years of experience, Sandy is a leading expert in Psychic Development, Astrology and Tarot.

Through Sandy’s classes, workshops, lectures and appearances, she is able to share her knowledge to help people enhance their lives.

Sandy’s writings and teachings include books on Astrology, Kabbala, and Tarot, as well as Psychic Development.

Sandy has appeared on many radio and television shows over the years, most notably Crossing Over and Cross Country – both television shows hosted by her good friend and former student, John Edward. 

You may have also seen Sandy on The View,

where she read the Tarot Live

on the show for Whoopi Goldberg!

Sandy 17

Now Sandy is bringing this world class training to You!


bigstock-tarot-cards-with-old-book-and--16378766Directly from the comfort of your home, you can learn How to Read the Tarot in this Six Week Live Online Webinar with Sandy. 

During this Live Online Training, You will be able to speak directly to Sandy as you watch her live on video teaching you step by step,

how to read the tarot and understand it at a deeper level!


Watch Sandy on The View –

Whoopi’s Tarot Card Reading – Sandy Anastasi




Included in this Tarot Course, you will receive a copy of Sandy’s

Tarot Reader’s E-book

tarotworkbook“For anyone who is looking at understanding life, they need to understand their place in it. The Tarot helps to unlock some of the doors to the vast Universe we all coexist in. Sandy hands you the keys in this book.” — Psychic Medium John Edward


Whether you are a beginning-level Tarot reader, an experienced professional, or just curious, the Tarot Reader’s Course will help you to expand your knowledge of and ability to interpret the tarot cards.

The Tarot is more than an ages-old system of divining the future. It is a key to unlocking your inner wisdom and a guide to personal evolution!




Learn to Read the Tarot

Six Weeks Live Webinar with Sandy

Tuesday, May 12th
7pm – 9pm Eastern

More details coming soon


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