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Take Back Personal Control

Posted on Jul 21, 2016 in Newsletter | 0 comments

August is a good month to take back personal control!!!

Hello Everyone!

What I am sharing today is a ‘look at Lisa’ and the newest way I will be approaching life in the future. The world is changing, therefore I must also!

Sometimes when we get information about ourselves from ‘beyond’ our own thoughts, we are ‘invited’ to take a good hard look at who we are or who we perceive ourselves to be. In that moment we have a choice to ignore the incoming, embrace it, do things the same way as always and “stay” the same person…. or respect the message and take away from it a knowledge that allows us to become a more “enlightened and whole person.”

I chose to respect the message therefore respecting my higher self and ‘my inner-self’!

Below I will share what I wrote to myself (yes, I find writing little emails to myself are both therapeutic and sometimes humorous).

I want to share the positive influence my guides came through with, and that ‘your’ guides can come through with, if you know how to make that very important connection and ‘listen’! So here we go…

Dear Lisa,

Today I am making a commitment to myself to be the best I can be! No more slacking ~ no more hesitation ~ no more excuses ~ no more depending on others! I’m taking a step forward to change the person I have always been ~ to become the person I know I can be, and want to be.

I have a lot to offer this planet and the people on it!

I am fully capable of being anything I want to be!

I have the tools, the knowledge, the life experience, the dream… and today I found the “drive” again!

Today I let go of the fears that hold me back!

I let go of the blocks that are in front of me!

I let go of hesitation that slows me down!

I let go of doubt that makes me question myself!

I let go of Intimidation that keeps me from being my best!

This world is MY world! I BELONG HERE and in full force!

Never again will I allow myself to quit! Never again will I simply exist! Today I have made the choice to “kick it up a notch” and get things going in my life. No more sitting back and watching others do what I long to be doing!

The world is changing…. ‘I’ am changing… and I am going to embrace that change instead of fighting it! I am going to put myself out there. No more standing on the sidelines.

Today Lisa “goes direct”!!

Today I put myself in a positive forward motion by taking charge of my life ~ taking responsibility for my own actions. Today I start the ball rolling on a never ending journey!

Life is an amazing ride and today I am back in the driver’s seat and there is ‘no’ cruise control on this baby! HA!

No more playing it safe!

It’s time to experience!

It’s time to expand!

It’s time to let go of all past issues!!

It’s time for my authentic self to emerge from within and face the world with flying colors!!

I am a ‘Strong Woman’!

I am an ‘Assertive Woman’!

I am a ‘Confident Woman’!

I am a ‘Dynamic Woman’!

And most important to ME…. I am my ‘OWN’ Woman!

Time to live in a world ‘I’ create for myself, not one created for me!


Have a wonderful month!

In light,

Lisa Freeman

Intuitive Consultant


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