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The Evolution of Consciousness – What You Can Do To Take Charge In Your Own Life Webinar

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meditationThursday, December 17th
8pm Eastern

The Evolution of Consciousness – What You Can Do To Take Charge In Your Own Life

This webinar is not to be missed! We are going to explore the steps that mankind is experiencing now in our journey towards expanded consciousness and higher awareness. Each and every one of us is on the same journey. It is exciting, yet sometimes saddening as we often outgrow people in our lives that we love and care for. This webinar is for everyone who is walking this journey consciously and who wants to understand it better, and to be able to understand and help the people around us to expand their own awareness as well. A guided meditation for growth and acceptance is included.

Taking charge and becoming self-responsible is the first step towards your own evolution, as well as helping those you love and care for to take those first steps on their own journey. My Guides and I have been guiding and counseling my students and clients for over 38 years towards taking charge, making healthier decisions, and improving their own lives. Let ME help YOU to begin or enhance your own conscious evolution NOW.

I invite you to join me on December 17th at 8pm. Take this first step for yourself!

“I enjoyed your Webinar Sandy.  It was wonderful to see you and be in your energy field again! I have a few relatives that tend to bring my temperature “up” and I have actually been learning to walk away, but your energy meditation was a wonderful addition to my survival repertoire”.- Judy

This webinar is introducing a special new series I am starting in 2016!

Please Join me next year in:

Sandy Anastasi’s Evolution of Consciousness Webinar Series

January – Predictions through the Signs for 2016 for YOU!
February – Helping You to Succeed in Today’s World
March – 6 Ways to Connect with Psychic Children in Today’s World
April – Find YOUR Spiritual Path
May – What Your Dreams Mean; Using Them to Enhance Your Life
June – Our Psychic Pets – 7 Steps to Connect with Them
July – 5 Steps to Freedom in Your Life Using the Law of Attraction
August – 3 Ways Your Spirit Guides Help You Every Day
September – Change Your Life Using These 7-Steps to Positive Thinking
October – Dark Forces
November – Help to Heal Yourself and Your World with a Group Meditation
December – 12 Ways to Open to Your Own Gifts

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Sign up for the 2016 webinars listed at $25 each. You can do that individually on my Events Page on my website each month.

Have you enjoyed my 2015 webinar series? Are you ready to take a real step forward for your own continues growth?

Commit to your own Evolutionary Journey in 2016 NOW! Pay just $250 now and attend all 12 of my 2016 webinars. Do the math. That gives you 2 webinars free! This is one of my special gifts to you to celebrate what I believe will be an amazing year! Click here to take advantage of this offer which will disappear January 1st: __________

*NOTE: If you are signed up for a webinar and can’t make it, you still receive the MP4 Video of it after it runs! All attendees also receive an MP4 of the webinar they attended. Videos are usually offered for sale after the webinar has run so if you miss signing up for one, don’t panic!

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