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The Holiday Season And Psychics

Posted on Nov 17, 2016 in Newsletter | 0 comments

If you are in tune with your psychic side and especially your Mediumship side, then this writing is for you.

We have ventured into the holiday season and as we head off to parties, shopping day and night, dinners out with friends and family gatherings, we must remember one very important thing…. Psychic Protection!

Those on the other side will be trying to connect with us during the holidays…. Yes, stronger than usual. After all, just because they have made that journey does not mean they don’t still want to be around when the fun begins…. And holidays can be very emotional for those still here who have others who have crossed over. So their thoughts are closer to the surface and deeper in their hearts. That’s a draw to the spirit world.

So first, all psychics must know how to ‘strongly’ protect themselves from the energy and emotions of others they will be around ‘in the physical’, but also those who might wish to come through to those who do Mediumship work. I will encourage you to visit YouTube and watch some of Sandy Anastasi’s videos on Protection.

They are exactly what is required this time of year and can help you to maintain that level of energy needed to be around all of the ‘living’ people you will encounter that are going to flock to you like moths to a flame! If you are a practicing Medium you know ‘exactly’ what I am talking about! Our energy is more clear than most and that is attractive to people, even though they don’t realize they are drawn to us. I can be the only person on a specific aisle in a huge store and within just a couple of min. I am surrounded by people looking toward what I am looking at on the shelf, and they have no clue why! I use my ‘aura expansion’ technique and that spreads them back out! Lol They have no clue why they are suddenly being pushed away, but they react to it which gives me my space back. You can almost hear their thoughts and them wondering why they were on that aisle in the first place! HA

And this brings me to my second point…. Ethics!

So how do you handle that very strong urge to tell someone in Walmart that their deceased father is standing behind them and wants to say hello? Or do you?

I know that sounds kind of silly but I also know as a Professional Medium myself, that it does and ‘will’ happen! Folks on the other side want nothing more than to let us know they are around and still a part of our lives… but when we see something like that out in public, do we walk up to the living person and tell them? My answer is NO! It’s simply not ethical to do that. Not everyone on this side wants to know that their Grandmother who has crossed over, is shopping with them! Lol In fact, it can do quite a bit of damage for a Medium to just jump in and start passing out messages to everyone in the store!

Being a psychic, ‘living’ the psychic life, is a ‘huge’ responsibility! And it’s one that I take very seriously. Through the messages that we pass along to clients we can certainly help them to heal and move forward, but at the same time, we ‘can’ do harm if we are in the wrong environment for a reading or if we just blurt out information we are getting, to someone standing in the checkout line.

Be ethical…. And if you find yourself in a situation (and you will) where events happen that give you a ‘lead in’ to speak with someone… be sure to really think about what and how you say things to the living person. Feel them out in a way that is going to tell you if it’s ok to proceed with a message and then do it in a light and happy way! Pass along the information and then get on with your shopping. Spirits who pop in around the holidays don’t generally give ‘big heavy sad messages’, or at least that’s not been my experience….. so just remember… if this happens to you…. If someone from the other side decides they want you to give someone a message in a store, at a party, in a restaurant……. Be ethical! Be gentle, caring, appreciative and short….. I just can’t say that enough! Lol

I wish you all a wonderful holiday month and a very Happy New Year 2017!

In love and light,

Lisa Freeman


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