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Twelve Ways to Open Your Gifts Webinar

Posted on Nov 15, 2016 in Events, Newsletter | 0 comments

Thursday, Dec 29th
8pm Eastern

Twelve Ways to Open to Your Own Gifts

I am planning a very special Evolution of Consciousness Webinar for you this month, to celebrate the completion of this wonderful series of personal development online classes.

This month’s webinar is action based and gives twelve ways you can open your own God-Given gifts! In celebration of the season, my Guides and I will be using the 12 Days of Christmas metaphorically as a roadmap to awaken your gifts, and to make this webinar tremendous fun! You will be getting the absolute best tools we know of to discover parts of yourself you didn’t even know existed, and to develop those special abilities, traits, and skills that are uniquely yours to use and to share with others. This webinar will help you to start your next life endeavor on track and in the positive and successful direction you have always dreamed of!

Remember that the greatest gift you can give to others, is the gift of yourself – well balanced, happy, in charge of your life and your emotions and your finances and your world. In this webinar you will discover how to reward yourself and shape yourself into that special person you’ve always dreamed of being. Soon the other people in your life and especially the people you love will see your presence in their life as a great gift in itself!

That’s why I created this webinar – I’m going to pull open the ribbon on those 12 gifts you will give to yourself this season. My Guides and I will be showing you 12 amazing gifts that are already yours! Uncovering them and using them will be your own gift to yourself this year!

It’s easy, and it’s fun! Please join me for this amazing webinar. Don’t you want to know how “A Partridge in a Pear Tree” or “9 Ladies Dancing” could possibly be related to your own special gifts?

As with all my webinars in this Evolution of Consciousness series, we will end with a Guided Meditation which will utilize a kind of self-hypnosis to help you to uncover and internalize these 12 gifts so they will be yours forever. They will become a cornerstone of your life.

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