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What Your Dreams Mean Webinar

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Evolution of Consciousness Series :

“What Your Dreams Mean
and How You Can Use Them to Enhance Your Life”

Thursday, June 9th
8pm Eastern

This webinar is designed for everyone who is interested in the art and power of dreaming.

Many Indian tribes, like the Hopi in the Americas and the Aborigines in Australia maintain the belief that the ‘dream-time’ or the ‘world of dreams’ is the real world and our physical reality is merely the reflection of it. The Shaman of these tribes know that by altering circumstances and addressing issues and situations in the dream world they can affect and alter them in the material world we all physically live in.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to do that?

For many years I have been teaching my students and readers how to remember their dreams, how to have lucid dreams where they can wake in their dreams, and how to take control of their lives by becoming an active participant in their dreams.

Let me show you how. Isn’t it time to begin changing your life into the life you know you were born to live, right now?

In this webinar my Guides and I will be covering a broad range of topics including just what your dreams are, where they come from, why you need them, how they can be used for understanding, even prediction of events in your life, and most important of all, how you can use them to alter the circumstances of your world.

Am I talking ‘Lathe of Heaven’ as in the movie by that name? You may just be surprised to find out….

As always in my webinars series, this webinar will include a guided meditation intended to connect directly with your unconscious minds, to help guide you into making full use of your dreams in every way!

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Love and Light, Sandy Anastasi

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