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Who Is Lisa Freeman?

Posted on Feb 25, 2016 in Newsletter | 0 comments

BEFUNK~1Who Is Lisa Freeman?

I’m not sure I have ever really introduced myself to those of you who read this newsletter… so now is the time to do that!

Many of you know me as Sandy Anastasi’s PA…. I’m the crazy woman behind the scenes that tries to keep everything flowing and heading in one direction… but do you know ‘the rest of my story’?

I thought it might be nice to finally tell you a little about me, so you know who the person is writing these articles for Sandy’s newsletter each month… so here we go..

Born in Texas, a left handed Libra, I have always worked to bring balance and harmony into my world as well as the lives of others. I have been a psychic intuitive and healer all my life, as so many of YOU are, although I was well into my adult years before I embraced that side of myself… and after studying about ‘my—self’ through Sandy’s Psychic Development program for several years, and allowing myself to open up to so many new possibilities, I began a career as a Psychic Intuitive, Medium and working with animals and their energy. That was the short version… there ‘is’ a book being written..

Since my life changed in such a profound manner after taking those classes, I continued on my new found path and I have never looked back!

Going back a few years… I have always been fascinated with how the mind and body works, so I attended college focusing on Psychology and Counseling with an emphasis on Child Development. My early interest in child development still continues and has led me to also work with younger clients who may be curious about their psychic experiences, along with their parents.

After college I worked hands on with adults and teens at Western State Hospital, a mental institution in Oklahoma, for over 13 years. That experience gave me a great deal of insight into how personal energy works, and how we do need to protect ourselves every single day from the influences of those we come in contact with. In my Psychic work with my clients, that insight can have a profound influence.

Many of my clients ask how I began working as a Professional Psychic. It was by chance… but then not at all…. I was drawn to, led to, embraced by, pushed forward… lol… and I allowed myself to seek out knowledge about who I really am!

After years of amazing psychic experiences, I accepted that I had an ability within that needed to be brought to the surface, acknowledged, embraced, nourished and trained. I searched for someone to help me understand what I was seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing…. and was led to my mentor and good friend, Sandy Anastasi, developer of ‘The Anastasi System of Psychic Development’.

Studying Psychic Development with Sandy sparked my interest in learning more about Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Reiki Healing, Pet energy work, Kabbala and so much more! My goal was never to become a professional reader… my interest in Sandy’s classes was simply to open up to the side of me that was reaching out to be seen and heard. I embraced that urge and that very first class, Psychic Development Level 1, began changing my life! You don’t take Sandy’s classes to become a professional psychic, although many do find that path appealing once they realize their own potential. She has taught some amazing, very well known Psychics!

You take these classes in order to take control of your life! You take these classes to awaken that part of you that you ‘know’ is there, but you don’t know how to reach on your own. You take these classes because you know there is a much different journey waiting for you and she can show you the path of least resistance to get to where you ‘really’ want to be in this lifetime! You take these classes because you know that there is sooooooooooo much more we were never taught in public school that we really need to know about! Let go of your fear.. we were taught that at an early age… let go of your uncertainty (it was a package deal)… lol…. And step up the pace in your own evolution!

I am where I am today, and who I am choosing to become at this stage in my life, largely because of these classes. Who would have guessed… at 46 years of age I would take my own journey in hand, move from my comfort zone in Oklahoma, move to Florida and create different pathways to follow for the next part of my life!

I am now 57 and living a life that I never knew existed, because I chose to open my eyes to a different reality. It all started with Psychic Development 1!

Today I am fortunate to be working beside Sandy both in her Online classes and also her in-person classes, still learning from her.. that will never stop…. and now I am offering a Coaching program on her site for her Psychic Development program, for those who wish to learn in their own time, at their own pace. It was a brilliant idea!

One last thing… Sandy is teaching her in-person PD Level 3 and 4 class in Tampa this month… and yours truly here is going to be doing a Spirit Communication Messages session during that Saturday evening! You should check out her site for days and times of both events. It might be something you would like to attend.

To close… because I could talk all day… lol…. In my ‘spare’ time, I enjoy reading, writing, spending time at the beach, quiet meditation time and continually learning about the metaphysical world and all that it has to offer. I currently live in Sunny Florida with the love of my life, my Little Pekingese, Baby Laney.

Have a most amazing March!

In light,

Lisa Freeman – Psychic Intuitive Consultant

BEFUNK~1Find Out More about Lisa Freeman – Coach for The Anastasi System of Psychic Development


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