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Working A Psychic Party

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Working A Psychic Party

BEFUNK~1Hey everyone!

I’m going to do a bit of a different spin for my article this month, and talk about Psychic Parties! This is an amazing time of year for those of you who do readings, to make connections with your friends and let them know you would ‘love’ to come to their holiday party and do readings!

This is something I have done for about the past 10 years.. so I wanted to share how I do them and maybe it will help those of you who are just starting out.

You can do readings at just about ‘any’ type of party these days.. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Birthdays… you get my point! And they are not only fun to do, they bring you money and sometimes new clients.

So here is how I work a party.

Depending on the event, you may actually want to ‘dress the part’! I have worked many Halloween parties in my day and dressed either as a Fortune Teller (which is what most of the hosts want), or a Witch or a more modern day psychic… so you will want to discuss that with the host of the party to make sure you are giving them that psychic experience they are looking for, for their guests. (I was hired by a very popular hotel a couple of years back and they wanted me to ‘be the Fortune Teller – Gypsy’.. lol.. so I dressed up in the very best homemade costume I could put together) That was a great night!!

Now.. you can charge one of two ways… either offer a ‘set fee’ for the entire night, say, $200 for a 3 hour party, or you can charge each guest individually. Again, you will want to discuss that with the host. Most themed parties that I did were paid for by the host themselves at a per hour rate, but then I started doing a lot of ‘girl’s night out’ parties and each guest who wanted a reading would pay for their own. I would do either a 15 min. reading for $15 or a 20 min. reading for $20. You really do not want to go longer than 20 min. with each person because you are going to want to bring them in and out so the other guests don’t feel they are having to wait too long for their turn.

Also, just as a ‘gift’ to the host, I do about a 20 – 30 min. free reading for them. Sometimes I go early and do their reading before the party begins… sometimes I would read them last.. it’s their call. That’s just a nice thing to do and sometimes a selling point for someone from the party to have their ‘own’ girl’s night out event and invite you back.

Now, a few things I always take with me. Very important… bring a timer or a phone with a timer! It’s imperative that you stay within your allotted time for each guest you are reading. If not, someone is surely going to make you walk the plank if they realize you gave their friend 10 min. extra and not them! Lol So be fair to your guests and keep the time the same per reading.

I also bring my Tarot cards, a few little candles (always ask the host if that is ok) a few crystals, a crystal ball and just little things that make my reading table more appealing. Folks who are at a party getting a reading really respond to the visuals. And again, I either ‘dress the part’ if there is a theme, or I wear casual/professional attire.

When speaking with the host to arrange the party, make sure you ask for a back room to do your readings. As far away from the party itself. You don’t want to do your readings out by the pool while everyone is around you… lol

Tell them you will need a small table and 2 chairs. Everything else you bring with you. (make sure you bring some $1s and $5s in case you need to make change. And yes, if someone wants to give you a tip, that is perfectly acceptable and always appreciated.

Bring either your business cards with you, or make small little party favors to hand out to each guest. That’s always a huge favorite. Remember to ask the host first about party favors but all that I ever asked gave me a huge ‘ok’… and you hand that out after each reading. At the end of the night, if you have any left over, be sure to offer them to those who might have chosen not to get a reading.

Remember to do your prayers and protections before you do that first reading. When I am headed to work a party, I do my prayers and protections in my car while driving. I do them loudly and I do them with strength! Then when I get into the reading room at the party, I close the door and I protect the room in silence… and always remember at the end of the party, to thank your guides and their guides for helping you with the readings.

Here is a biggie for a party… YOU do NOT drink alcohol while you are reading. NEVER. And most of the hosts are going to offer that to you several times. I always take my big cup with tea in it.. you ‘will’ get very thirsty reading so many so quickly, but it’s just bad ethics to drink when you read. Also, and this is a personal opinion but I will never do Mediumship readings at a party where there is alcohol, and I let the host know that before hand. I am not going to be responsible for that kind of energy in that type of environment. Also, it’s ok to do a tarot reading for someone who has had a couple of glasses of wine or a mixed drink, but please don’t read for someone who can’t even walk into the room on their own.. lol.. I have had to ask a few to head back to the party because I won’t read someone who is not ‘fully there’… even at a party I take my readings and the information coming through, very seriously.. that does not mean it’s not fun… I always have a blast at these events.. but just be aware of the state of mind of the guest you are reading, before you take their money. If they are not going to remember that 20 min., do you really want to put your energy into that?

One last thing, again, about the timer you are going to take with you.. make sure it has an alarm that goes off that your guest can hear because without a doubt, you are going to get people who ask… “just one last question”??? lol.. It’s going to happen.. get ready for it.. and when they pop that out there, that’s when you hand them your card and gently remind them that there are other guests waiting to see you, but “here is my card.. if you have more questions you can certainly book a private reading with me… I would love to do a full reading for you”…

People are wonderful and parties are fun, but we always want that ‘little extra’ if we can get it… lol..

Ok.. I think that’s about it on that subject except please remember to clean up your space before you leave the room you have been reading in. (physical clean up and also clear the room psychically) And, more times than not, the host might ask you when you are finished, if you would like to stay and have a glass of wine with the ‘gang’…. That is perfectly fine, but be aware, that leaves you open to someone wanting you to answer that question they did not have time for.. lol… just let them know that you are no longer in reading mode and that you have shut down psychically for the evening. Most people will respect that and you may walk away from that party with a new friend.

You have to love being with people in order to do a wonderful job with a party.. they are fun and you can walk away with new connections or maybe someone who is already talking about hosting that next event, with you in mind as their reader. So be professional, but relaxed and enjoy the process!

As always, if you have a question about this article please feel free to e-mail me and I would be happy to help in any way that I can

Have an awesome November and be ‘thankful’ for all you have,

In light,

Lisa Freeman

Intuitive Consultant

[email protected]

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